Elvis Presley chords and tabs

Elvis Presley tabs and chords

Elvis Aaron Presley, with records like ’The Sun Sessions CD’ and ’Madison Square Garden’, was one of the most popular singers of the 20th century. If you are a fan of Elvis Presley and want to widen your horison, check out the Rock and roll and pop acts The Blue Moon Boys, The Jordanaires and The Imperials.

Heavy equiped with prices like Grammy awards, American music awards and Golden globe awards. The official website is at elvis.com. Elvis Presley have been conducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum. Play ’Pledging my love’ and ’Big boss man’ from the career which started in 1953. Learn from lessons like ’How to Play Suspicious Minds on Guitar’ and ’Guitar lesson Hound Dog by Elvis Presley- cover chords beginner..’ in the video section.

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(let me be your) teddy bear (Chords)Guitar chords
A big hunk o love (Chords)Guitar chords
A boy like me a girl like you (Chords)Guitar chords
A cane and a high starched collar (Chords)Guitar chords
A fool such as i (Chords)Guitar chords
A house that has everything (Chords)Guitar chords
A hundred years from now (Chords)Guitar chords
A little bit of green (Chords)Guitar chords
A little less conversation (Bass)Bass tabs
A mess of blues (Chords)Guitar chords
A world of our own (Chords)Guitar chords
Adam and evil (Chords)Guitar chords
After loving you (Chords)Guitar chords
Ain't that loving you baby (Chords)Guitar chords
Ain't that you loving baby (Chords)Guitar chords
All I needed was the rain (Chords)Guitar chords
All shook up (Bass)Bass tabs

Top 3 'All Shook Up' guitar chords and tabs

Top 3 All Shook Up chords and tabs

1.1. All shook up (Tabs)Guitar tabs
2.2. All shook up (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
3.3. All shook up (Chords)Guitar chords
All that I am (Chords)Guitar chords
Allison (Chords)Guitar chords
Almost (Chords)Guitar chords
Almost in Love (Chords)Guitar chords
Almost in Love Ukulele (Chords)Guitar chords
Aloha oe (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Always on My Mind (Bass)Bass tabs

Top 3 'Always On My Mind' guitar chords and tabs

A nice ballad originally released by Johnny Christopher in 1972, by later that year also released by Elvis Presley wh... Top 3 Always On My Mind chords and tabs

1.1. Always on My Mind (Chords)Guitar chords
2.2. Always on My Mind (Ver3) (Chords)Guitar chords
3.3. Always on My Mind (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
Always on My Mind Ukulele (Chords)Guitar chords
Am I ready (Chords)Guitar chords
Amazing grace (Chords)Guitar chords
Americam trilogy (Chords)Guitar chords
American trilogy (Chords)Guitar chords
An american trilogy (Chords)Guitar chords
An evening prayer (Chords)Guitar chords
And I love you so (Chords)Guitar chords
And I love you so (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
And the grass won't pay no mind (Chords)Guitar chords
Angel (Chords)Guitar chords
Any way you want me (Chords)Guitar chords
Anyone (Chords)Guitar chords
Anyone Could Fall in Love With You (Chords)Guitar chords
Anything that's part of you (Chords)Guitar chords
Anyway you want me (Chords)Guitar chords
Are you lonesome tonight (Chords)Guitar chords
Are you lonesome tonight (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
Are you lonesome tonigth (Chords)Guitar chords
As long as I have you (Chords)Guitar chords
Ask me (Chords)Guitar chords
Baby I don't care (Chords)Guitar chords
Baby I don`t care (Chords)Guitar chords
Because of love (Chords)Guitar chords
Beginners luck (Chords)Guitar chords
Beyond the reef (Chords)Guitar chords
Big boss man (Chords)Guitar chords
Big love big heartache (Chords)Guitar chords
Bitter they are harder they fall (Chords)Guitar chords
Black star (Chords)Guitar chords
Blowing in The Wind (Chords)Guitar chords
Blue christmas (Bass)Bass tabs

Top 3 'Blue Christmas' guitar chords and tabs

Top 3 Blue Christmas chords and tabs

1.1. Blue christmas (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
2.2. Blue christmas (Tabs)Guitar tabs
3.3. Blue christmas (Chords)Guitar chords
Blue christmas hanukkah (Chords)Guitar chords
Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain (Chords)Guitar chords
Blue hawaii (Chords)Guitar chords
Blue moom of kentuchy (Chords)Guitar chords
Blue moon (Chords)Guitar chords
Blue suede shoes (Chords)Guitar chords
Blueberry hill (Chords)Guitar chords
Bossa nova baby (Chords)Guitar chords
Bridge over troubled water (Bass)Bass tabs
Bridge over troubled water (Chords)Guitar chords
Burning love (Chords)Guitar chords
Burning love (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
Can't help falling (Chords)Guitar chords
Can't Help Falling in Love (Bass)Bass tabs

Top 5 'Cant Help Falling In Love' guitar chords and tabs

"Can't help falling in love" is as you probably know originally recorded by the king of pop, Elvis Pres... Top 5 Cant Help Falling In Love chords and tabs

1.1. Can't Help Falling in Love (Tabs)Guitar tabs
2.2. Can't Help Falling in Love (Ver2) (Chords)Guitar chords
3.3. Can't Help Falling in Love (Chords)Guitar chords
4.4. Can't Help Falling in Love Acoustic (Tabs)Guitar tabs
5.5. Can't Help Falling in Love (Ver3) (Chords)Guitar chords
Can't Help Falling in Love With You Ukulele (Chords)Guitar chords
Change of habit (Chords)Guitar chords
Charro (Chords)Guitar chords
Clean up your own backyard (Chords)Guitar chords
Cmon everybody (Chords)Guitar chords
Come on Everybody (Chords)Guitar chords
Cotton candy land (Chords)Guitar chords
Could I Fall in Love (Chords)Guitar chords
Cross my heart and hope to die (Chords)Guitar chords
Crying in The Chapel (Chords)Guitar chords
Daddy don't cry (Chords)Guitar chords

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