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Portishead chords for Magic doors

Guitar chords with lyrics

A chord diagramDmDm                         A chord diagramC6C6
  I can't deny what I've become
                       A chord diagramFF
I'm just emotionally undone
I can't deny I can
   A chord diagramA7A7
Be someone else

When I have tried to find the words
To describe this sense absurd
Try to resist my thoughts
But I can't lie

A chord diagramBB              A chord diagramFF
 Only losing myself
      A chord diagramE minor 7Em7         A chord diagramG minorGm
My desire I can't hide
    A chord diagramFF
No reason am I for

I can't divide or hide from me
I don't know who I'm meant to be
I guess it's just the person that I am

Often I've dreamt that I don't wake
Into the gift of my mistake
But yet again I'm wrong, and I confess


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