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Popa Chubby tabs for It s chubby time

Guitar tabs

It’s Chubby Time
(Popa Chubby – « It’s Chubby Time » )


E(7) – A chord diagramA7A7A chord diagramB7B7 A chord diagramA7A7

A chord diagramA7A7A chord diagramE9E9A chord diagramA7A7A chord diagramF#F# - A chord diagramB7B7

Riff :


Guide to Tablature

b:1/4 bend
B:1/2 bend
FB:full bend
5FB5:bend and release
5FB5p0:bend, release and pull off
h:hammer on
p:pull off
PM:Palm Muted
.:dotted note
X:note played with heavy damping

“It’s Chubby Time” by Popa Chubby, as heard on the album “It’s Chubby Time”

Transcription: Frederic Winne
choko_tof@yahoo.fr – http://www.brusselscityblues.fr.tc

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