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Popa Chubby chords and tabs

Popa Chubby tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Popa Chubby. Learn songs like Dance The Night Away, It S Chubby Time, Real Thing, San Catri and You Can T Keep A Brother Down easy.

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Song title Type
Dance The Night AwayGuitar Tabs
GodfatherGuitar Tabs
HallelujahGuitar Tabs
I Can T See The Light Of DayGuitar Tabs
I Ve Been Loving You Too LongGuitar Tabs
It S Chubby TimeGuitar Tabs
Let The Music Set You FreeGuitar Tabs
Life Is A BeatdownGuitar Tabs
Long Deep Hard And WideGuitar Tabs
Nobody Knows You When You're Down And OutGuitar Tabs
Palace Of The KingGuitar Tabs
Race With The DevilGuitar Tabs
Real ThingGuitar Tabs
Sally Likes To RunGuitar Tabs
Same Old BluesGuitar Chords
San CatriGuitar Tabs
Shaken BlueGuitar Tabs
SweatBass Tabs
SweatGuitar Chords
Sweet Goddess Of Love And BeerGuitar Chords
The GodfatherGuitar Tabs
White DevilGuitar Tabs
Why I Can T Have YouGuitar Tabs
Why I Can't Have YouGuitar Tabs
Woman In My Bed DubGuitar Tabs
You Can T Keep A Brother DownGuitar Tabs