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Pop Will Eat Itself bass tabs for Pweization

Bass tabs with lyrics

     Pweization, by Pop Will Eat Itself

  ..Tabbed out by myself.

This is Pweization, as it is on 16 Different Flavours Of Hell. Yes, I know
there is no guitar or bass in the song, but if you play the keyboard part on
a bass it sounds pretty cool, so.. here it is. :)

 Riff 1:

 G:|-------------------------------------------|  Here's the part played
 D:|-------------------------------------------|  during "We have a
 A:|-5555555-3---5555555-3---5555555-3--555-33-|  cure.." and "beaming out
 E:|-------------------------------------------|  a message.." etc.
 Riff 2.1:

 G:|-22222222-33-5-3--|  This is "Number 12 looks
 D:|------------------|  just like you.." Play the
 A:|------------------|  second bit last.

 Riff 2.2:


 Riff 3.1:

 G:|------------------------------------|  This is the part where sample
 D:|------------------------------------|  guy is saying "Tell the world..
 A:|------------------11111111-33333333-|  Tell everybody, wherever they
 E:|-3333333-44444444-------------------|  are." Play the second bit last,
                       as before.

 Riff 3.2:


    written out by noah, email to image@cyberwar.com with comments,
    letters of appreciation, and other tabs. :)

             "I call the shots, 10 out of 10 again.."

ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Pweization' by Pop Will Eat Itself, an alternative rock band formed in 1986 from Stourbridge, England

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