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Pop Will Eat Itself tabs for 1000x no

Guitar tabs with lyrics

         1000x No!, by Pop Will Eat Itself

   ..Tabbed out by myself.

This is the incredible PWEI's 1000x No!. I know there's no bass in here, but
I love this song, and there is keyboard.. so, here's the keyboard transcribed
for bass. Still sounds nice.
  Riff 1:

  G:|---------------------|   To play this properly, you need a 5-string
  D:|---------------------|   bass, which I'm currently without. This is as
  A:|---------------------|   close as you can get with a 4-string, and does
  E:|-0-2--2-0-2--0-0-0-0-|   not sound half bad..

 Riff 2:

  G:|-----------------|   Here is the part played during "What do we ...
  D:|-----------------|   Respect!"

 Riff 3:

  G:|-----------------------------|   This is played for "10x 10x 10x no,
  D:|-----------------------------|   a no go to go slow.."

 Riff 4:

  G:|---------------|   You can play this after he says "Sure cert, the
  D:|------2--------|   town's on ...." and it will sound alright.
  A:|-2323---1212-5-|   ( It's the bit that's behind the piano.. )

 Riff 5:

  G:|-------------------------|   This is played during "Just ....
  D:|-------------------------|   Just ....

The whole song should be easy to piece together from here.. Have fun with it!
Impress your friends!

        written out by noah, email to image@cyberwar.com with comments,
        letters of appreciation, and other tabs. :)

                         "Is it doing for you, what it's doing for me.."

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