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The Police tabs for Every breath you take

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Unfortunately this song is impossible for
normal mortals to play in ordinary tuning

If you want to play this song you are going
to have to re-tune your guitar, and unfortunately
the tuning that is necessary is a little ’inflexible’,
and useless for other songs (buy another

Anyway tune your low ’E’ string down two
half steps to ’D’ and your ’G’ string (yes!)
down two half steps to ’F’

The song is simply a movable bar chord
shape that you slide up and down and

Lets call this chord A chord diagramAMaj7#11Amaj7#11
(as if this is remotely correct
or anyone cares)

D-------7---------7----        (x2)

This next chord is a minor chord
so alter your shape accordingly
F#m7#11 anybody?

F--------------2----------    (x2)


F---------------------11---------------   (x2)


D----------14-----------------14-----   (x2)

It’s beginners stuff, I promise you.

I may have got the key, or even the precise
chords incorrect, but corrections are most welcome

The Police: Every breath you take (synchronicity)

I’ve always played this song in C. Don t know if it’s right, but I tried
to pick it off the video. Here goes:

-----5---5-----5------ x2

-----2---2-----2------ x2


-----5---5-----5------ x2

The trick here is to let your index finger "walk". For instance, after =
you ve
struck the bass in the first chord, move it to the h string, and let it =
from there. Same goes for the 3rd and 4th chord too, except here you =
it to the g string. Easy does it, and remember to mute all the notes.

Good luck

This song is in the key of Ab.  Almost the entire song is based on the =
IV, V, and vi chords.  Andy Summers liked to use chords utilizing the =
scale degree instead of the octave and not playing the implied major =
So he "created" a position to utilize the stacked 5th’s.  This is used
for the entire song, except for the artifical harmonic section.

The song is basically as follows:

Ab9(no M7)                          Fm9(no M7)
Every breath...           Every Move You...(or whatever the words are)

Db9(no M7)           Eb9(no M7)         Fm9(no M7)

It pretty much follows this pattern for all the "every breath ect." =
The last chord isnt always a Fm9.  Sometimes its a Ab9.  I think it is
in the intro actually...just listen.  i would give the changes, but
i dont have a copy of the song available to listen to.
Then the "baby can’t you see" part is the same chords, picked the same
pattern, but in a little bit of a diffrent order.

Db9-Db9-Ab9-Ab9-Fm9(in the high postion)-Fm9(high)-Eb9-Eb9

The second A chord diagramDb9Db9 has a moving note played only on the bass.  It drops from
theDb to a B.  Dont play it on the guitar, just for bass refrence.  The=20
bass follows the root note for the rest of the song.

Next is the natural harmonic section.  Andy Summers usually uses a =
picking style for his harmonics.  He was a classical player first, and=20
thats how they do things.  The best way to get the "chime" sound is with
your fingers.
NextI’ll give you a crash course in Artifical Harmonics.  A.H.’s are
usually notated with <X>.  X being any number.  What you will do is
finger the note at X-fret, then place your finger up X+12 frets
(or one octave higher), and lightly touch it.  Youre simulating
a natural harmonic, so touch it in the same way.  Then finger pick
the string.  It probably will take a little practice to get it down, but
its a great tool to use in your own playing as well as the cool effect
it has in this song.

A.H. Section

 A chord diagramE MajorE                        A chord diagramGbGb
all notes are half notes
You repeat this several times...3 or 4...im not sure...i dont have the
song where i can hear it.   After you finish it, you go back into the
First part.  Listen to the song to know where the chords go...i think
it changes off and on, but i dont remember.
Thats pretty much it.  If you have trouble with the position, put your
thumb on the back.  It probabaly will help, and if you still have =
give it time.  it takes work to do that, but dont hurt yourself. =20
Eventually you will be able to do it with ease.
God Bless and good luck

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