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Pmmp chords and tabs

Pmmp tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Pmmp. Learn songs like Henkilokohtaisesti, Maria Magdalena Ukulele, Mummola, Pariterapiaa and Valloittamaton easy.

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Song title Type
HeliumpalloGuitar Chords
HenkilokohtaisestiGuitar Chords
Jeesus Ei Tule Oletko ValmisGuitar Chords
Joku RajaGuitar Chords
Kovemmat KädetGuitar Chords
Lapsuus LoppuiGuitar Chords
LautturiGuitar Chords
Maria Magdalena UkuleleGuitar Chords
MummolaGuitar Chords
PariterapiaaGuitar Chords
RakkaalleniGuitar Chords
Salla Tahtoo SiivetGuitar Chords
San FranciscoGuitar Chords
ValloittamatonGuitar Chords