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Placebo chords for The crawl


Here is a chord combination for accompanying the melody.

Tuning is standard. You can put a capo on the first fret to make it easier.

A chord diagramA#mA#m
    It takes the pain away
A chord diagramA#mA#m
    But could not make you stay

A chord diagramA#mA#m
    It's way too broke to fix
A chord diagramA#mA#m
    No glue, no bag of tricks

    A chord diagramBdimBdim
    Lay me down, the lie will unfurl
    A chord diagramD#mD#m
    Lay me down to crawl.

The rest of the song follows the same pattern.
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'The Crawl' by Placebo, an alternative rock band formed in 1994 from London, England. Placebo is known for their bittersweet rock/pop music.

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