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P!nk tabs for Taco man

Guitar tabs

A chord diagramG+G                 A chord diagramAsus4Asus4       A chord diagramF#F#             A chord diagramB7B7                E7b
Oh there was once a man that loved tacos and eventually blew up into

A chord diagramG+G              Ebb
a million pecies yeah!



A chord diagramG+G
The taco man was mean he gave me a dirty taco

A chord diagramB7B7
and then i took a gun and the guts out of him

A chord diagramC majorC
oh yeah

A chord diagramB minorBm

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Taco Man' by P!nk, Pink, a female pop artist from Pennsylvania, USA. P!nk was born in 1979. P!nk is known for her sensual rock/pop music.

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