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Tom Petty chords for Walls

Guitar chords with lyrics

Walls By Tom Petty

Put a capo on the 5th fret and use these chords.  (The capo isn=92t reall=
y needed, but it=20
makes the minor chords just a little bit easier.)=20

 A chord diagramFF    A chord diagramDmDm   A chord diagramA#A#   A chord diagramC majorC    A chord diagramG minorGm  =20
e-x  e-x  e-1  e-3  e-x
A-3  A-0  A-3  A-5  A-0
D-5  D-2  D-3  D-5  D-0
G-5  G-2  G-2  G-4  G-2
B-5  B-1  B-1  B-3  B-3
E-x  E-0  E-1  E-3  E-1

(The Numbers are the number of frets up from the capo.)

A chord diagramFF                       A chord diagramDmDm
Some days ...
                        A chord diagramA#A#
Some days ...
Some doors ...

Some roads ...

Sundowns are ...

A chord diagramA#A#                       A chord diagramFF =20
Cause you got a ...
It could crush ...
            A chord diagramG minorGm          A chord diagramDmDm
And I can't hold ...
A chord diagramC majorC               A chord diagramFF
Even walls ...

And all 'round your ...

And sometimes ...

(Repeat Chorus and verse chords)

And some things are ....

(Repeat chorus twice)=20

At the beginning of the song when the band kicks in play this:

	A chord diagramA augmentedA+-------2--
	A chord diagramD MajorD+-0-1-0----    =20

Then proceed with the chords.  The solo that Mike Campbell plays in the m=
iddle of the=20
song goes like this:

	A chord diagramA augmentedA+------------------3----------3-2-0------0-2-3---------
	A chord diagramD MajorD+-5-3-2-0-2--5-3-2----5-3-2-0------------------0-2-----=20
	A chord diagramG+G+--------------------------------------------------0-5-
                                                            ^ ^
            There are actually 3 notes being played at the same time here=
.  But I=20
haven=92t figured out what they are yet.         =20

The ending is played like this:

	A chord diagramG+G+-----0-------0---
	A chord diagramBB+-1---------1-----
	A chord diagramE MajorE+---0---0-1-----1-

Just play that over and over and end on the A chord diagramFF chord.

David Richter

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Walls' by Tom Petty, a male rock artist from Gainesville, Florida. Tom Petty was born in 1950. He passed away in 2017.

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