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Tom Petty chords for Here comes my girl

Guitar chords with lyrics

Written by: T.P. & Mike Campbebell/Album: "Damn The Torpedoes"–MCA

The main progression for the INTRO and VERSE of the song goes like
Use a 1st finger barre at 2nd fret, move (not slide) it up to 4th fret.
When you play it with the song, you'll get the feel of it:

  A chord diagramA augmentedA                   B/A            A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7               B/A
A chord diagramA augmentedA
  You know, sometimes, I ...
  B/A                               A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7       B/A
  But this whole ...
A chord diagramA augmentedA                                             B/A
  I ain't really sure but it seems I ...
                         A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7             B/A
  Were just a little bit ...
A chord diagramA augmentedA                                   B/A
  But when she puts her ...
       A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7               B/A
  I can somehow ...
A chord diagramA augmentedA                                      B/A
  Yeah man when I got that little ...
                 A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7                        B/A
  You know I can tell the whole ....

                    A chord diagramE MajorE      A chord diagramA augmentedA                  A chord diagramE MajorE      A chord diagramA augmentedA
  Hey here comes my girl        ...
A chord diagramF# minorF#m            A chord diagramBB (normal A chord diagramBB chord)
  Yeah and she looks so right ...

VERSE 2:Every now and then I get down to the....

CHORUS and then BREAK (see bottom)

VERSE 3:Yeah every time it seems there ain't nothin' .....

(the ending is just the first and last measures of the VERSE: A chord diagramA augmentedA to B/A)

BREAK: This break repeats three times, and the fourth time just
       continues the same vamp on the A chord diagramE MajorE and A chord diagramA augmentedA strings, to VERSE 3.

  A chord diagramF#5F#5                                                        The numbers
E-------------------------------------0-|                o     on this
B------------------------0^2^0--------2-| F#5: | | | | | |   chord diagram
G-------------------------------3-----3-|      T | | | 1 |  (and A chord diagramE9E9 below)
D----------------------------------4--4-|      | | | 2 | |   represent the
A-4--4--4-4-4-4-4--4--4---------------4-|      | 3 4 | | |    finger used.
E-2--2--2-2-2-2-2--2--2---------------2-|                  "T" means

The '^' means hammer on the first time, and pull off the second time.
When pulling off, sort of flick the A chord diagramBB string so it rings clearly.

Also, the A chord diagramE MajorE in the CHORUS can be played with an A chord diagramE9E9 in the middle:

  A chord diagramE MajorE     A chord diagramE9E9    A chord diagramE MajorE                                         o       o
|                 |              Use the            E9: | | | 1 | |
| /   / /   / / / |     "down/down/up/up/down/up"       | 2 3 | | 4
|                 |               strum.                | | | | | |
  1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

                    "If I was sad, well, I'm happy now"

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