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Pavement chords for Cut your hair

Guitar chords with lyrics

It took me a little while, but I think I finally got the chords for
'Cut Your Hair".  I hope every tab-eating alterna-bunny on the net learns
how to play this and it becomes our next alterna-rock national anthem.

It basically goes:  A chord diagramD MajorD - A chord diagramC majorC - A chord diagramG+G - A chord diagramE MajorE - A chord diagramG+G - A chord diagramE MajorE over and over again.  You can
grunge it with power chords or pick it out with open chords.

the breakdown:  ----5--|----10---10---10--10| (e)
                3------|10----10---10---10--| (b)

the 'solo'  10/////|12/////|12(13)/////|12///// (e)
            10/////|12/////|12(13)/////|12///// (b)
                            ^^^^^^^^^^^bend the doublestop a half step
           			and tremolo pick all of the above.

that's roughly what i figured out, what's they're actually playing is a
little more sophisticated, but not hard to pick up by ear.

so what if i'm a little sarcastic, i honestly think this is a brilliant pop
song.  if anyone has any corrections, they're appreciated.


a career, a career, korea, korea KOREA KOREA!

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