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Brad Paisley chords for Famous people ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics

Tuning: Standard

Intro: F G F G (x2)
Verse 1:
   F              G
Well you're the first car in an hour or so

   F             G
I'm glad you stopped in it's sure been slow

    F      G       F      G
Around here today,  just like every day

    F                G
Well I couldn't help but notice your California plates

  F          G
And I thought I recognized that name

     F      G       F      G
On your credit card,  you're a movie star

   Dm         G        F
Well I can't wait to get back home and tell all my buddies

   Dm         C/E       F    G     F
That I met one of the most famous people in the country

    F       G         F
Well I only go to movies when I'm down in Bowling Green

   F         G          F
The cable don't come out this far so I never watch TV

  F          G          Dm    G   F
I know you played in something but I'm gonna need some help

 Dm        C/E          F   G
Wait, weren't you in Cannon Ball Run.... no? oh well

Verse 2:
 F         G
Allow me to introduce myself

 F              G
Name ain't John this is somebody else's

 F       G   F       G
Greasy shirt, my name's Curt

 F             G
This is the town that I grew up in

    F        G
Never seen L.A. the closest I've been

   F     G   F      G
To Hollywood, is Dollywood

   Dm           G          F
But when you get back to Beverly Hills you can tell all your buddies

 Dm          C/E       F    G    F
You met one of the most famous people in the country

Chorus 2:
    F           G        F
Cause I caught the record smallmouth out on Kentucky lake

   F           G          F
And I threw the winning touchdown pass the night that we won state

   F          G         Dm   G    F
And I'm still signing autographs after all these years

 Dm     C/E           F       G
Oh yeah, guess I'm gonna need yours....sign uh John

Verse 3:
   F             G
Been thinking bout doing some acting someday

 F           G
If I ever do make it out to L.A.

 F            G     F          G
Can I give you a shout, maybe crash on your couch

    F              G
If you hear of any roles that are floatin' around

      F          G
That would put me and Ashley Judd making out

 F            G  F        G
In a steamy love scene, I'd work pretty cheap

 Dm            G        F
If the phones are down just ask around you'll get ahold of me

    Dm        C/E       F    G    F
Cause I'm one of the most famous people in the country


    Dm              G   F       G     F
You're talking to one of the most fa---mous people in the country

(keep repeating G D C D as these words are spoken)

Six-pack, it was wasn't it, you're in that movie six-pack
You look a lot thinner and younger on TV
You gaining weight for a role or something?
Man I'm serious about that Ashley Judd thing
I'd work for free

Dm =  x02210
F  =  x32010
G  =  xx0232
Dm =  022000
F  =  320003
C/E =  x2003x

Almost there ...

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