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Pain Of Salvation chords and tabs

Pain Of Salvation tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Pain Of Salvation. Learn songs like 1979, No Way, Road Salt, Silent Gold and To The Shoreline easy.

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Song title Type
1979Guitar Chords
CirclesBass Tabs
CribcagedGuitar Chords
Dryad Of The WoodsGuitar Tabs
Falling HomeGuitar Chords
IdioglossiaBass Tabs
In The Passing Light Of DayGuitar Tabs
Iter ImpiusGuitar Chords
LinoleumGuitar Tabs
Linoleum AcousticGuitar Chords
Never Learn To FlyGuitar Chords
No WayGuitar Chords
No Way ExtendedGuitar Chords
On A TuesdayGuitar Tabs
Road SaltGuitar Chords
Silent GoldGuitar Chords
SistersGuitar Chords
Softly She CriesGuitar Tabs
The Taming Of A BeastGuitar Chords
This Heart Of Mine I PledgeGuitar Chords
To The ShorelineGuitar Chords
Undertow AcousticGuitar Chords