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P O D chords for Youth of the nation

Guitar chords

P.O.D - The youth of the nation

chords submitted by The Ganja Master
email me @ ganjamaster@ganja-green.com

This song has 3 chords all the way through and thats it!
wasn't hard to work out, took me about 5 minutes after I heard the song.

A chord diagramC#C# - Bar Chord      	A chord diagramBB - Bar Chord		A chord diagramFF - Bar Chord
--------------		-------------		-------------
E-3			E-1			E-1
B-4			B-3			B-3
G-5			G-3			G-3
D-5			D-3			D-2
A-3			A-1			A-1
E-3			E-1			E-1

Here is the chorus for the timing, but it's the same all the way through

A chord diagramC#C#             A chord diagramBB    A chord diagramFF		      A chord diagramC#C#
we are, we are, the youth of the nation

Hope you have fun with this little masterpiece :o=DE
Peace out dudes!

Any changes or comments to be e-mailed to....

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