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OutKast chords and tabs

OutKast tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by OutKast. Learn songs like 13th Floor Growing Old, Hey Ya!, Ms Jackson, Roses and Spread easy.

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Song title Type
13th Floor Growing OldGuitar Chords
Elevators Me YouBass Tabs
Funkin AroundBass Tabs
Hey YaGuitar Chords
Hey Ya (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Hey Ya (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Hey Ya AcousticGuitar Chords
Hey Ya UkuleleGuitar Chords
Hey Ya!Guitar Chords
Land Of A Million DrumsBass Tabs
Ms JacksonGuitar Tabs
My Favorite ThingsBass Tabs
PrototypeGuitar Tabs
Rosa ParksGuitar Chords
RosesGuitar Chords
RosesGuitar Tabs
She Lives In My LapBass Tabs
So Fresh So CleanGuitar Chords
So Fresh So CleanGuitar Tabs
SpreadGuitar Chords
Take Off Your CoolGuitar Chords
Take Off Your CoolGuitar Tabs
Take Off Your Cool (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
The Way You MoveGuitar Chords
The Whole WorldBass Tabs
The Whole WorldGuitar Tabs
Way You MoveGuitar Tabs
Wheelz Of SteelBass Tabs
You May DieGuitar Intro