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Opeth chords and tabs

Opeth tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Opeth. Learn songs like Advent, Ending Credits, Hope Leaves, In My Time Of Need and Weakness Live easy.

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Song title Type
AdventGuitar Tabs
AtonementGuitar Tabs
Black Rose ImmortalGuitar Tabs
Blackwater ParkGuitar Tabs
BleakGuitar Tabs
CredenceGuitar Tabs
Death Whispered A LullabyBass Tabs
Demon Of The FallGuitar Tabs
Den Standiga ResanGuitar Chords
Den Standiga ResanGuitar Tabs
DignityGuitar Tabs
Dirge For NovemberGuitar Tabs
Ending CreditsGuitar Chords
Ending CreditsGuitar Tabs
Eternal Rains Will ComeGuitar Tabs
Face In The SnowGuitar Tabs
FolkloreGuitar Tabs
Forest Of OctoberGuitar Tabs
Ghost Of PerditionGuitar Tabs
Harlequin ForestBass Tabs
HarvestGuitar Chords
HarvestGuitar Tabs
HaxprocessGuitar Tabs
Heir ApparentGuitar Tabs
Hessian PeelGuitar Tabs
Hope LeavesBass Tabs
Hope LeavesGuitar Chords
Hope Leaves LiveGuitar Tabs
In My Time Of NeedGuitar Chords
In My Time Of NeedGuitar Tabs
In My Time Of Need LiveGuitar Solo
Isolation YearsGuitar Tabs
Marrow Of The EarthGuitar Tabs
Masters ApprenticeGuitar Tabs
Masters ApprenticesGuitar Intro
NepentheGuitar Tabs
Patterns In The IvyGuitar Tabs
PersephoneGuitar Tabs
Porcelain HeartGuitar Tabs
RequiemGuitar Tabs
RiverGuitar Chords
RiverGuitar Tabs
Serenity Painted DeathGuitar Tabs
SlitherGuitar Tabs
Soldier Of FortuneGuitar Chords
SorceressGuitar Chords
SorceressGuitar Tabs
Sorceress 2Guitar Chords
Sorceress 2Guitar Tabs
Spring McmlxxivGuitar Chords
The Amen CornerGuitar Tabs
The Devils OrchardGuitar Tabs
The Drapery FallsGuitar Tabs
The Funeral PortraitGuitar Tabs
The Leper AffinityGuitar Tabs
The Lines In My HandGuitar Tabs
The Lotus EaterGuitar Tabs
The MoorGuitar Tabs
The WardGuitar Intro
The Wilde FlowersGuitar Intro
To Bid You FarewellGuitar Tabs
Weakness LiveGuitar Tabs
WhenGuitar Tabs
Will O The WispGuitar Chords
Will O The Wisp (Ver2)Guitar Chords
WindowpaneBass Tabs
Windowpane (Ver2)Bass Tabs
WreathGuitar Tabs