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Operation Ivy chords for Hedgecore

Guitar chords

Band:  Operation Ivy
Album: Seedy
this song was tabbed out by jjack2@PVHS.Chico.K12.CA.US (James Jackson)
i'm just relaying the message to all you guys out there
     A chord diagramA5A5    A chord diagramA5A5 (use either one)     A chord diagramD5D5

Intro:  A5, A5, A5, TWICE A5, let ring
during the singing it's A chord diagramA5A5 with a ska-type rhythm (fast, muted, upstrokes=

Chorus:  A chord diagramA5A5 picked down, down, up, down, up
         A chord diagramD5D5 picked up, up
there ya'll goes.  send all comments, questions, punk tabs, or requests =

(i'll do my best) to me at:  SkunX42@aol.com
for responses to this tab, send to: jjack2@PVHS.Chico.K12.CA.US


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