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Yoko Ono chords for Rising ii

Guitar chords with lyrics

^ÓRising II^Ô:
by Yoko Ono

Chords by Dylan Rush

>From the album ^ÓBlueprint For A chord diagramA augmentedA Sunrise^Ô

Taken from a live performance of the song ^ÓRising^Ô at
New York^Òs Japan Society.

I declare this to be all my own work.

This may seem laughably simple, but it can sound really
nice if played well. The first few minutes are a capella,
then Sean Lennon^Òs guitar comes in:

A chord diagramE minorEm     A chord diagramG+G

That^Òs it! Strum real quietly at first, and keep your
strumming to the the first four or five strings,
but get gradually louder and faster as you go.
By the song^Òs climax where Yoko starts screaming,
you should be whacking the hell out of your
guitar. Enjoy!

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