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Olivia Rodrigo chords for White flowers

Guitar chords with lyrics

Tuning: Standard (E A D G B E)

A chord diagramC majorC
White flowers and love letters
    A chord diagramG+G
You say I'm yours forever
    A chord diagramC majorC                            A chord diagramFF
But it don't feel romantic, somehow
    A chord diagramC majorC
I'm pacing and I'm losing sleep
    A chord diagramE minorEm
If you don't call I start to weep
    A chord diagramBb majorBb                     A chord diagramC majorC         A chord diagramFF
You're everything I cannot do without
                 A chord diagramC majorC
I don't know who I would be

If I wasn't your baby
            A chord diagramFF
I build my life on your attention
            A chord diagramF minorFm
I'm being an object of your affection
                   A chord diagramC majorC
Now, crazy in love don't feel sweet

'Cause I'm with you but I miss me
                   A chord diagramFF
Wish somebody had told me what I know now
                           A chord diagramF minorFm
Losing yourself in someone isn't Heaven, it's Hell

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