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Mike Oldfield chords and tabs

Mike Oldfield tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Mike Oldfield. Learn songs like Platinum Part 2 Platinum, Punkadiddle, Shadow On The Wall, To France and Tubular Bell 2003 Pt1 easy.

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Song title Type
AfghanGuitar Tabs
ArgiersGuitar Tabs
ArrivalGuitar Tabs
Blue Saloon V2Guitar Tabs
CastawayGuitar Tabs
Celt (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Celtic RainGuitar Tabs
ChariotsGuitar Chords
ChariotsGuitar Solo
CloserGuitar Tabs
ConflictGuitar Tabs
Crime Of PassionGuitar Chords
Crime Of PassionGuitar Tabs
Crystal ClearGuitar Tabs
Crystal GazingGuitar Chords
Crystal GazingGuitar Tabs
Cuckoo SongGuitar Tabs
Dark IslandsGuitar Tabs
DiscoveryGuitar Chords
Dreaming In The WindGuitar Chords
EtudeGuitar Tabs
Far CountryGuitar Chords
First StepGuitar Tabs
Following The AngelsGuitar Chords
Foreign AffairGuitar Chords
From The AshesGuitar Tabs
Heavens OpenGuitar Chords
I Give Myself AwayGuitar Chords
I Got RhythmGuitar Tabs
In Dulci JubiloGuitar Chords
In Dulci JubiloGuitar Solo
In The BeginningGuitar Chords
In The PoolGuitar Tabs
Incantations Part4Guitar Tabs
IslandsGuitar Chords
Jewel In The CrownGuitar Tabs
Jungle GardeniaGuitar Tabs
Main In The RainGuitar Chords
Man In The RainGuitar Chords
Man In The Rain Acoustic UkuleleGuitar Chords
Man On The RocksGuitar Chords
MinutesBass Tabs
MinutesGuitar Chords
Moonlight ShadowGuitar Chords
Moonlight ShadowGuitar Tabs
Moonlight Shadow (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
MoonshineGuitar Chords
MoonshineGuitar Tabs
Mount TeidiGuitar Tabs
MuseGuitar Tabs
North PointGuitar Chords
NuclearGuitar Chords
On HorsebackGuitar Tabs
Orabidoo FinaleGuitar Tabs
OribidooGuitar Tabs
Our FatherGuitar Tabs
Pictures In The DarkGuitar Chords
Platinum Part 1 AirborneGuitar Tabs
Platinum Part 2 PlatinumGuitar Tabs
Platinum Part 4 North StarGuitar Tabs
Poison ArrowsGuitar Chords
Poison ArrowsGuitar Tabs
PunkadiddleGuitar Tabs
Red DawnGuitar Tabs
Return To Ommadawn Part 2Guitar Solo
Return To Ommadawn Pt 1Guitar Tabs
Runaway SonGuitar Chords
SailingGuitar Chords
Shadow On The WallGuitar Tabs
SunjammerGuitar Tabs
Talk About Your LifeGuitar Chords
TattooGuitar Tabs
Taurus IGuitar Tabs
The BellGuitar Tabs
The ExorcistGuitar Tabs
The Inner ChildGuitar Tabs
The Song Of The SunGuitar Tabs
The Song Of The Sun (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
The VoyagerGuitar Tabs
To FranceGuitar Chords
Tricks Of The LightGuitar Chords
Tubular Bell 2003 Pt1Guitar Tabs
Tubular BellsGuitar Tabs
Tubular Bells FinaleGuitar Tabs
Tubular Bells IntroGuitar Tabs
Tubular Bells SoloBass Tabs
WaldbergGuitar Tabs
WeightlessGuitar Tabs
Wonderful LandGuitar Tabs
Worderful WorldGuitar Tabs