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Okay Kaya chords and tabs

Okay Kaya tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Okay Kaya. Learn songs like Comic Sans, French Press Girl, I Die Slow, Iud and Symbiosis easy.

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Song title Type
Asexual WellbeingGuitar Chords
Bill WithersGuitar Chords
Can U NotGuitar Chords
Clenched TeethGuitar Chords
Comic SansGuitar Chords
Dance Like UGuitar Chords
EmulateGuitar Chords
French Press GirlGuitar Chords
Holiday SongGuitar Chords
I Die SlowGuitar Chords
IudGuitar Chords
La MegGuitar Chords
OverstimulatedGuitar Chords
Palm PsalmGuitar Chords
SquishGuitar Chords
SymbiosisGuitar Chords
VampireGuitar Chords
You Make Me Feel Like DancingGuitar Tabs