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OK Go chords and tabs

OK Go tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by OK Go. Learn songs like Let Is Rain, Needing Getting Acoustic, The House Wins, This Too Shall Pass and While You Were Asleep easy.

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Song title Type
1000 Miles Per HourGuitar Chords
1000 Miles Per HourGuitar Tabs
All Is Not LostGuitar Chords
C-c-c-cinnamon LipsGuitar Chords
Do What You WantGuitar Chords
Do What You WantGuitar Tabs
Don't Ask MeGuitar Tabs
Don't Ask Me AcousticGuitar Chords
End LoveGuitar Chords
Get Over ItGuitar Chords
Hello My Treacherous FriendsGuitar Tabs
Here It Goes AgainGuitar Tabs
I Want You So Bad I Can't BreatheBass Tabs
I Want You So Bad I Can't BreatheGuitar Chords
I'm Not ThroughBass Tabs
I'm Not ThroughGuitar Chords
In The GlassGuitar Chords
Last LeafGuitar Chords
Last Leaf AcousticGuitar Chords
Let Is RainGuitar Tabs
Let It RainGuitar Tabs
Louisiana LandGuitar Chords
LullabyeGuitar Tabs
Needing Getting AcousticGuitar Chords
NeedinggettingGuitar Chords
No Sign Of LifeGuitar Tabs
ObsessionGuitar Chords
Oh Lately Its So QuietBass Tabs
Oh Lately Its So QuietGuitar Chords
ReturnGuitar Chords
Shooting The MoonGuitar Chords
SkyscrapersGuitar Chords
The House WinsGuitar Chords
The Writings On The WallGuitar Chords
There A FireGuitar Tabs
This Too Shall PassGuitar Chords
This Will Be Our YearGuitar Chords
Turn Up The RadioGuitar Chords
We Dug A HoleGuitar Chords
While You Were AsleepGuitar Chords
White KnucklesBass Tabs
White KnucklesGuitar Chords
White KnucklesGuitar Tabs
Writings On The WallGuitar Chords
WtfGuitar Chords
Wtf IntroBass Tabs
You're So Damn HotGuitar Chords
You're So Damn HotGuitar Tabs