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The Offspring bass tabs for Dirty magic

Bass tabs with lyrics

Bass Tab by: Don Pezet (dpezet@ao.net)
Group: Offspring
Album: Ignition
Written and Arranged by: Offspring

Notes: This is a really cool song. The bass tab follows the
guitar almost perfectly, so it gives you a chance to get
some really cool effects going. Enjoy.
Intro & verse


Well, I know the intro is right, but I am not sure if the chorus is
correct. This is what I get from looking at some guitar tab, but it
just doesn't sound "perfect"




In my own simple way
I think she wants me only
she said 'come over right away'
But she's just not that way
her little soul is stolen
see her put on her brand new face

Pull the shades, razor blades you're so tragic
Hate you so, love you more, so elastic
things you say, games you play, dirty magic I...

I should know better than
to think i'd reach inside her
it's all a cloudy kind of daze
she's not so sweet today
she mocks me, i'm no fighter
it always seems like such a waste.

it's oversimplified...
That's it. If you know where I went wrong, e-mail me
with the corrections. This is one of my favorite songs
and it really gets me that I can't get the chorus
to sound right. Maybe he steps his bass down some, or
uses a pedal. I'll have to try it.




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