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Sinéad O'Connor chords for No mans woman


"No Man's Woman"

Sinead O'Connor

Chords by Craig Mazin
-this is all my own work_
-no likey, no strummy-

Intro is just an E, staccato, 4X.

(A chord diagramE MajorE) I don't wanna (A chord diagramA augmentedA)be no (A chord diagramD MajorD) man's...

[repeat until]

so (A chord diagramD MajorD) I (A chord diagramC majorC) become no (A chord diagramD MajorD) man's woman (A chord diagramE MajorE)

the break is simply 2X

(A chord diagramG+G) and I'm tired of it
(A chord diagramEb MajorEb) and I'm so...
(A chord diagramE minorEm) and I'm...

then back to the beginning.  That's it!  Have fun!

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