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Phil Ochs chords and tabs

Phil Ochs tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Phil Ochs. Learn songs like Im Going To Say It Now, Passing Of My Life, Rehersal For Retirement, Spaceman and The Ballad Of The Carpenter easy.

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Song title Type
A Year To Go ByGuitar Chords
AloneGuitar Chords
Ballad Of William WorthyGuitar Chords
CeliaGuitar Chords
ChangesGuitar Chords
Cross My HeartGuitar Chords
CrucifixionGuitar Chords
Davey MooreGuitar Chords
Do What I Have To DoGuitar Chords
Heres To The State Of Donny J TrumpGuitar Chords
Heres To The State Of MississippiGuitar Chords
Heres To The State Of Richard NixonGuitar Chords
I Ain T Marching AnymoreGuitar Tabs
I Ain't Marching AnymoreGuitar Chords
I Shoulda Known BetterGuitar Chords
If I KnewGuitar Chords
I'm Going To Say It NowGuitar Chords
I'm Gonna Say It NowGuitar Chords
Iron LadyGuitar Chords
Is There Anybody HereGuitar Chords
I've Had HerGuitar Chords
Keep The ChangeGuitar Chords
Knock On The DoorGuitar Chords
Links On The ChainGuitar Chords
Love Me I'm A LiberalGuitar Chords
Maintaining Law And OrderGuitar Chords
No More SongsGuitar Chords
No More Songs AcousticGuitar Chords
One Way Ticket HomeGuitar Chords
Passing Of My LifeGuitar Chords
Pleasures Of The HarborGuitar Chords
Rehersal For RetirementGuitar Chords
Remember MeGuitar Chords
Ringing Of RevolutionGuitar Chords
Santo DomingoGuitar Chords
Scorpion Departs But Never ReturnsGuitar Chords
Small CircleGuitar Chords
Song Of A SoldierGuitar Chords
Song Of My ReturningGuitar Chords
SpacemanGuitar Chords
Spanish Civil War SongGuitar Chords
Ten Cents A CoupGuitar Chords
That's The Way Its Gonna BeGuitar Chords
The Ballad Of The CarpenterGuitar Chords
The Doll HouseGuitar Chords
The HighwaymanGuitar Chords
The Passing Of My LifeGuitar Chords
The War Is OverGuitar Chords
There But For FortuneGuitar Chords
This Old World Is Changing HandsGuitar Chords
Too Many MartyrsGuitar Chords
Watch The WaterfallGuitar Chords
When I'm GoneGuitar Chords
When In RomeGuitar Chords
Where Were You In ChicagoGuitar Chords