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Frank Ocean chords for Close to you ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics

  • Capo on 3rd
Tuning: G C E A (G C E A)

Gmaj7 - 0222
D   - X655 (optional voicing: D - 2220)
D7  - X653 (optional voicing: D7 - 2023)
Verse: Frank Ocean:
    Gmaj7       D
I'll be honest, I wasn't devastated
     D7       Gmaj7
But you could've held my hands through this, baby
D         D7   Gmaj7
 Let my mind run underneath warm jets
 I run my hands through what's left
 But we're getting older, baby
 Don't have much longer, baby
Why am I preaching
To this choir, to this atheist?
D               D7  Gmaj7
 Just like mine, versions of these belong to you
D                D7 Gmaj7
 After a while, they're keeping me close to you

Outro: Stevie Wonder:
D               D7 Gmaj7
 Just like mine, they long to be close to you

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Close To You Ukulele' by Frank Ocean, a male r&b artist from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Frank Ocean was born in 1987.

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