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Frank Ocean chords and tabs

Frank Ocean tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Frank Ocean. Learn songs like Crack Rock, Ivy, Lovecrimes, Pink Matter and Self Control Acoustic easy.

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Song title Type
Acura IntegurlGuitar Chords
Bad ReligionGuitar Chords
Be YourselfGuitar Tabs
Be Yourself AcousticGuitar Tabs
Bedtime StoryGuitar Chords
BikingGuitar Chords
BlastedGuitar Chords
CayendoGuitar Chords
CayendoGuitar Intro
ChanelGuitar Chords
ChanelGuitar Intro
ChanelGuitar Solo
Close To YouGuitar Chords
Close To You UkuleleGuitar Chords
Crack RockGuitar Chords
Dear AprilGuitar Chords
Dear AprilGuitar Tabs
Dear April AcousticGuitar Chords
Eyes Like SkyGuitar Chords
Eyes Like SkyGuitar Tabs
Forrest GumpGuitar Tabs
GodspeedGuitar Chords
GodspeedGuitar Tabs
Godspeed UkuleleGuitar Chords
Golden GirlGuitar Chords
Good GuyGuitar Chords
Hardest ThingGuitar Chords
HiggsGuitar Chords
HiggsGuitar Tabs
I Need ItGuitar Chords
IvyBass Tabs
IvyGuitar Chords
IvyGuitar Intro
Ivy (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Ivy AcousticGuitar Chords
Ivy UkuleleGuitar Chords
LensGuitar Chords
Lens (Ver2)Guitar Chords
LostGuitar Chords
LostGuitar Tabs
LovecrimesGuitar Chords
Miss You SoGuitar Chords
Moon RiverGuitar Chords
Nature FeelsGuitar Chords
NightsGuitar Chords
NightsGuitar Tabs
Nights UkuleleGuitar Chords
NikesGuitar Chords
Pilot JonesGuitar Chords
Pink And WhiteBass Tabs
Pink And WhiteGuitar Chords
Pink And White UkuleleGuitar Chords
Pink MatterGuitar Chords
Pink MatterGuitar Tabs
Pink Matter (Ver2)Guitar Chords
ProviderGuitar Chords
PyramidsBass Tabs
PyramidsGuitar Chords
PyramidsGuitar Tabs
Pyrite Fools GoldGuitar Chords
Pyrite Fools Gold (Ver2)Guitar Chords
RushesGuitar Chords
Rushes UkuleleGuitar Chords
SeigfriedBass Tabs
SeigfriedGuitar Chords
SeigfriedGuitar Intro
Seigfried UkuleleGuitar Chords
Self ControlGuitar Chords
Self Control (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Self Control AcousticGuitar Tabs
Self Control UkuleleGuitar Chords
Sierra LeoneGuitar Chords
Skyline ToGuitar Chords
Slide On MeGuitar Intro
Solo AcousticGuitar Tabs
Songs For WomenBass Tabs
Songs For WomenGuitar Chords
Songs For WomenGuitar Intro
Strawberry SwingGuitar Chords
Summer RemainsGuitar Chords
Super Rich KidsGuitar Chords
Sweet LifeBass Tabs
Sweet LifeGuitar Chords
Thinkin About YouGuitar Tabs
Thinkin Bout YouGuitar Chords
Thinkin Bout YouGuitar Tabs
Thinking About YouGuitar Chords
Thinking Bout YouGuitar Chords
Thinking Bout You UkuleleGuitar Chords
VoodooGuitar Chords
WhiteGuitar Chords
White FerrariGuitar Chords
White Ferrari (Ver2)Guitar Chords
White Ferrari UkuleleGuitar Chords
WildfireGuitar Chords
Wise ManGuitar Intro
WisemanGuitar Chords