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Ocean Colour Scene chords for Youve got it bad

You've Got It Bad chords by Ocean Colour Scene

Ocean Colour Scene chords for Youve got it bad

Guitar chords

Author : James Gauld (RobRoy1418@aol.com)
Date   : 1:07 PM on 6/28/96
Song   : 'You've got it Bad' - (OCS)
Source : 'Moseley Shoals' album
You've Got It Bad - OCS
          F*     = XXX565     A chord diagramEb MajorEb = X6888X     { FOR AN ELECTRIC GUITAR }
          A chord diagramFsus4Fsus4  = XXX566                     {Eb*    = XX888X   '+'=10}
          Eb*    = XXX343                     {F*     = XX+++X   '^'=12}
          A chord diagramEbsus4Ebsus4 = XXX344                     {Ebsus4 = XX+89X   '!'=11}
          A chord diagramFF      = 133211                     {Fsus4  = XX^+!X         }

Intro riff:
        F*                   Eb*
        |                    |
   E-|--5_6--5------------|--3_4--3---------|-     {The '5_6' and '3_4' are
   B-|---------6----------|---------4_____--|-      'hammered on' notes, and
   G-|-----------5-3-2-3--|-----------------|-      the last note played on
   D-|--------------------|-----------------|-      the 4th fret is just
   A-|--------------------|-----------------|-      held on for a while}
   The two chords in all the verses are played as follows...
        F*      A chord diagramFsus4Fsus4    Eb*     A chord diagramEbsus4Ebsus4
        |       |        |       |
   E-|--5-5---5-6-5---|--3-3---3-4-3--|-          {This was worked out on
   B-|--6-6---6-6-6---|--4-4---4-4-4--|-           an acoustic guitar, but
   G-|--5-5---5-5-5---|--3-3---3-3-3--|-           on an electric the
   D-|----------------|---------------|-           equivalent barred chords
   A-|----------------|---------------|-           would be played}

Verse 1:
F*                 Eb*
    And if I ...
Where would ...
Sitting here ...
Now the ....
And if I ...
To half the ...
                   A chord diagramEb MajorEb
Would your ...
                     A chord diagramFF
And help you ...

              A chord diagramEb MajorEb
Oh you ...
                            A chord diagramFF
But you never ...,
               A chord diagramEb MajorEb
Boy you ...,
               A chord diagramFF       A chord diagramEb MajorEb
Worse than ....

Verse 2:
If I was in your .....
   [twiddly guitar bit - just play the F*/Eb* along
    with their 'sus4' chords pretty quickly.]

Verse 3:
If I brought you .....
   [intro riff (x3)]

Almost there ...

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