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The Ocean Blue chords and tabs

The Ocean Blue tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Ocean Blue. Learn songs like Ballerina Out Of Control, Denmark, Drifting Falling, Ground Gives Way and New York 6am easy.

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Song title Type
Ballerina Out Of ControlBass Tabs
Ballerina Out Of ControlGuitar Chords
Between Something And NothingGuitar Tabs
Cold Ain't For MeGuitar Tabs
DenmarkGuitar Chords
Drifting FallingGuitar Tabs
Fast Forward ReverseGuitar Chords
Give It A TryGuitar Chords
Ground Gives WayGuitar Chords
I Can't See YouGuitar Chords
Latin BluesGuitar Chords
New York 6amGuitar Chords
Sad Night Where Is The MorningGuitar Chords
Vanity FairGuitar Chords