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Ocean Alley chords and tabs

Ocean Alley tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Ocean Alley. Learn songs like Confidence, Freedom Lover, Holiday, Infinity and Partner In Crime easy.

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Song title Type
All Worn OutGuitar Chords
Baby Come BackBass Tabs
Baby Come BackGuitar Tabs
BonesBass Tabs
BonesGuitar Chords
ConfidenceGuitar Chords
ConfidenceGuitar Tabs
CorduroyGuitar Chords
CorduroyGuitar Intro
DaydreamingGuitar Chords
Deepest DarknessGuitar Chords
Freedom LoverGuitar Chords
GlitterGuitar Chords
HallucinationGuitar Chords
Happy SadGuitar Chords
Hold OnGuitar Intro
HolidayGuitar Chords
Hot ChickenGuitar Chords
InfinityGuitar Tabs
JellyfishGuitar Chords
KneesBass Tabs
KneesGuitar Chords
LemonworldGuitar Chords
Lonely DiamondGuitar Tabs
LunaGuitar Tabs
Muddy WaterBass Tabs
Muddy WaterGuitar Chords
Muddy Water SoloGuitar Tabs
Partner In CrimeGuitar Chords
Partner In CrimeGuitar Intro
Partner In Crime AcousticGuitar Chords
Puesta De SolGuitar Chords
Space GoatGuitar Tabs
Stained GlassGuitar Chords
The FloodGuitar Chords
The FloodGuitar Tabs
TombstoneGuitar Chords
Touch Back DownGuitar Chords
Way DownGuitar Chords
Way DownGuitar Tabs
Weary EyedGuitar Chords
Yellow MellowGuitar Chords