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Conor Oberst chords and tabs

Conor Oberst tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Conor Oberst. Learn songs like Common Knowledge, Gossamer Thin, Sugar Street, Time Forgot and Zigzagging Toward The Light easy.

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Song title Type
A Little UncannyGuitar Chords
AfterthoughtGuitar Chords
Barbary Coast LaterGuitar Chords
Common KnowledgeGuitar Chords
Counting SheepGuitar Chords
Desert Island QuestionnaireGuitar Chords
Eagle On A PoleGuitar Chords
Empty Hotel By The Sea LiveGuitar Chords
Gossamer ThinGuitar Chords
Gossamer ThinGuitar Tabs
Governers BallGuitar Chords
KickGuitar Intro
Lava MonsterGuitar Chords
LaxGuitar Chords
Mamah Borthwick A SketchGuitar Chords
Milk ThistleGuitar Chords
NapalmGuitar Chords
Next Of KinGuitar Chords
No One ChangesGuitar Chords
No Ones Gonna Change For YouGuitar Chords
OverdueGuitar Chords
SalutationsGuitar Chords
Standing On The Outside Looking InGuitar Chords
Sugar StreetGuitar Chords
TachycardiaGuitar Chords
The Rain Follows The PlowGuitar Chords
The RockawaysGuitar Chords
Till St Dymphna Kicks Us OutGuitar Chords
Time ForgotGuitar Chords
You Are Your Mothers ChildGuitar Chords
Zigzagging Toward The LightGuitar Chords