The Oak Ridge Boys chords and tabs

Most popular songs by The Oak Ridge Boys are Elvira, Jesus Is Coming Soon, I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes, He Looked Beyond My Faults, Jesus Is Coming Soong.

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After calvary (Chords)Guitar chords
Alice in Wonderland (Chords)Guitar chords
American made (Chords)Guitar chords
Another dream just came true (Chords)Guitar chords
Baby on Board (Chords)Guitar chords
Beautiful you (Chords)Guitar chords
Because he lives (Chords)Guitar chords
Before I die (Chords)Guitar chords
Bobbie sue (Chords)Guitar chords
Come on In (Chords)Guitar chords
Cryin again (Chords)Guitar chords
Crying again (Chords)Guitar chords
Dig A Little Deeper in The Well (Chords)Guitar chords
Dream of me (Chords)Guitar chords
Dream on (Chords)Guitar chords
Elvira (Chords)Guitar chords
Everyday (Chords)Guitar chords
Fancy free (Chords)Guitar chords
First step to heaven (Chords)Guitar chords
Getting ready for a baby (Chords)Guitar chords
God will take care of you (Chords)Guitar chords
Gods hands (Chords)Guitar chords
Gonna take a lot of river (Chords)Guitar chords
He looked beyond my faults (Chords)Guitar chords
He will never let me down (Chords)Guitar chords
Hide thou me (Chords)Guitar chords
I guess it never hurts to hurt sometimes (Chords)Guitar chords
I know what lies ahead (Chords)Guitar chords
I wish you could have turned my head (Chords)Guitar chords
I would crawl all the way to the river (Chords)Guitar chords
Ill be true to you (Chords)Guitar chords
Jesus is coming soon (Chords)Guitar chords
Jesus is coming soong (Chords)Guitar chords
Loves me like a rock (Chords)Guitar chords
No matter how high I get (Chords)Guitar chords
Ozark mountain jubilee (Chords)Guitar chords
Peterbilt sleigh (Chords)Guitar chords
So fine (Chords)Guitar chords
There will be light (Chords)Guitar chords
Yall come back saloon (Chords)Guitar chords
You're the one (Chords)Guitar chords