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Heather Nova chords for Motherland

Chords with lyrics

/ Heather Nova  /  I think this song is about this girl imagining her life
  / Motherland    /  with the person, which she is so deeply in love with.
 / Redbird       /  She tells that she would happily give away her life just
/_______________/  to be with her love... that is some kind of a declaration!
Verses:  | A chord diagramF#F# | x2

         | A chord diagramF#F# | x1

Chorus:  | A chord diagramF#F# | x3

Chords:                            Chords w/ Capo at 2nd fret:
     A chord diagramE MajorE)
  ---2-----2-----3-----2---         ---0-----0-----1-----0---
  ---3-----3-----3-----2---         ---1-----1-----1-----0---
  ---4-----2-----4-----3---         ---2-----0-----2-----1---
  ---4-----4-----5-----4---         ---2-----2-----3-----2---
  ---2-----5-----5-----4---         ---0-----3-----3-----2---
  ---------------3-----2---         ---------------1-----0---

        A chord diagramF#F#
     If I could keep you underneath my wing
         A chord diagramF#F#
     The sky above you, safe from everything
     A chord diagramF#F#
     Under, under my wing

 To watch you breathing is all that I can do
 To see you smile, my only wish come true
 I'm living, living for you

         A chord diagramD MajorD
     The waves roll in, I help you swim
   A chord diagramF#F#
     You take my hand
         A chord diagramD MajorD
     And through the years and through the fears
   A chord diagramF#F#
     I'll be your rock, the motherland

 The bond is written, the animal in me
 I'd lay my life down, I'd give it happily
 I'd give it, I'd give it for you

- 6th /November /05
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Motherland' by Heather Nova, a female folk artist from Bermuda. Heather Nova was born in 1967. Heather Nova is known for her happy folk music.

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