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乃木坂46 chords and tabs

乃木坂46 tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by 乃木坂46. Learn songs like Guruguru Curtain, Guruguru Curtain, Influencer, Korogatta Kane Wo Narase and Romance No Start easy.

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Song title Type
Guruguru CurtainBass Tabs
Guruguru CurtainGuitar Chords
InfluencerGuitar Chords
Kimi No Na Wa KibouGuitar Chords
Korogatta Kane Wo NaraseGuitar Chords
Oide ShampooBass Tabs
Romance No StartGuitar Chords
Romendensha No MachiGuitar Chords
Sing OutGuitar Chords
SynchronicityGuitar Chords
Tsuki No OokisaGuitar Chords
失恋したら、顔を洗えBass Tabs
無表情Bass Tabs
走れ BicycleBass Tabs