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Most popular songs by Nickelback are Home, Hero (Ver2), Lullaby, Rock Star, Rockstar.

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All the right reasons album (Bass)Bass tabs
Animals (Bass)Bass tabs
Another Hole in The Head (Bass)Bass tabs
Because of you (Bass)Bass tabs
Believe it or not (Bass)Bass tabs
Breathe (Bass)Bass tabs
Curb album (Bass)Bass tabs
Detangler (Bass)Bass tabs
Do this anymore (Bass)Bass tabs
Falls back on (Bass)Bass tabs
Far away (Bass)Bass tabs
Feelin way too damn good (Bass)Bass tabs
Fight for all the wrong reasons (Bass)Bass tabs
Figured you out (Bass)Bass tabs
Flat on The Floor (Bass)Bass tabs
Fly (Bass)Bass tabs
Follow you home (Bass)Bass tabs
Get em up (Bass)Bass tabs
Good times gone (Bass)Bass tabs
Gotta be somebody (Bass)Bass tabs
Hangnail (Bass)Bass tabs
Hero (Bass)Bass tabs
Hollywood (Bass)Bass tabs
How you remind me (Bass)Bass tabs
I don't have (Bass)Bass tabs
I'd come for you (Bass)Bass tabs
I'd come for you (Ver2) (Bass)Bass tabs
If everyone cared (Bass)Bass tabs
If today was your last day (Bass)Bass tabs
If today was your last day (Ver2) (Bass)Bass tabs
Just for (Bass)Bass tabs
Just to get high (Bass)Bass tabs
Leader of men (Bass)Bass tabs
Learn the hard way (Bass)Bass tabs
Little friend (Bass)Bass tabs
Long road album (Bass)Bass tabs
Lullaby (Bass)Bass tabs
Never again (Bass)Bass tabs
Never gonna be alone (Bass)Bass tabs
Next contestant (Bass)Bass tabs
One last run (Bass)Bass tabs
Photograph (Bass)Bass tabs
Rockstar (Bass)Bass tabs
Saturday nights alright for fighting (Bass)Bass tabs
Savin me (Bass)Bass tabs
Sex (Bass)Bass tabs
Should've listened (Bass)Bass tabs
Side of a bullet (Bass)Bass tabs
Someday (Bass)Bass tabs
Someone that you're with (Bass)Bass tabs
Something in Your Mouth (Bass)Bass tabs
Something in Your Mouth (Ver2) (Bass)Bass tabs
This afternoon (Bass)Bass tabs
This means war (Bass)Bass tabs
Too bad (Bass)Bass tabs
When we stand together (Bass)Bass tabs
Where do I hide (Bass)Bass tabs
Woke up this morning (Bass)Bass tabs