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Hawk Nelson guitar chords for Every little thing

Guitar chords with lyrics

It took me forever to figure this out so i hope you like it

Verse 1
A chord diagramD5D5
I saw her yesterday, and i never felt a feeling like the one i felt today
    A chord diagramC5C5
and now, shes taking over me, I've never met anyone like you, 'cause i
A chord diagramG5G5
could never find the words to write you, She's been on my mind (shes working
     A chord diagramG5G5
over time)

Shes got perfect reasons, says she likes to talk to jesus, I,I,I
A chord diagramG5G5
got to beleive her when she says, life can be so simple if we'd all just
A chord diagramD MajorD
learn to pray

A chord diagramD5D5
Shes got every little thing, i wanted, and it still feels just like the day
   A chord diagramA5A5
it started, so say goodbye to the broken hearted, and i could never express
                      A chord diagramG5G5
the way i felt before tonight.

Use the same chords in the first verse for the second verse.


A chord diagramA5A5
Shes not an ordinary girl, i can see it in her eyes, im just an ordinary boy
A chord diagramG5G5
God must have heard my prayers last night.

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