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Nazz guitar chords for Hello its me

Guitar chords

"Hello It's Me" [Nazz version]
			(Todd Rundgren)

Verse 1:

	Amaj7/C#   A chord diagramEMaj7Emaj7
	Hello, it's me
	Amaj7/C#                    A chord diagramEMaj7Emaj7
	I've thought about us ...
	D                          A chord diagramC# minorC#m
	Maybe I think too much ...
	D                                   A chord diagramC# minorC#m
	There's something here that ...
	Gmaj7/A                   A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7
	Maybe I shouldn't ...

	Gmaj7/A  A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7   [2X]
	   /   /   /   /

Verse 2:

	Seeing you
	Or seeing anything ...
	Amaj7/C#                       A chord diagramEMaj7Emaj7
	I take for granted that you're always ....


	F#m7/A    A chord diagramEMaj7Emaj7

        F#m7/A        A chord diagramEMaj7Emaj7     Bm7/D    A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7
	       It's important ...
	Bm7/D        A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7        C#m7/E  A chord diagramBMaj7Bmaj7
	    That you know you ...
	C#m7/E A chord diagramBMaj7Bmaj7   A chord diagramF#m7F#m7  A chord diagramEMaj7Emaj7   A chord diagramBm7Bm7      A chord diagramAmaj7Amaj7
	      'Cause I never ...
	  Bm7addE  Emaj7/B   [2: C; modulate to key of A chord diagramFF for verse 4]
	For me

Verse 3:

	Think of me...

[repeat chorus; modulate to F]

Verse 4 [verse 3 in F]:

	Bbmaj7/D A chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7
	Think ...
	Bbmaj7/D                     A chord diagramFmaj7Fmaj7
	You know that I'd ...
	Eb                           A chord diagramDmDm
	I'll come around to see ...
	Eb                   A chord diagramDmDm
	Or if I ever need a ...
	Abmaj7/Bb                  A chord diagramBbmaj7Bbmaj7
	And spend the night if ...


	Abmaj7/Bb   A chord diagramBbmaj7Bbmaj7    Abmaj7/Bb A chord diagramBbmaj7Bbmaj7    [2X]
	Sometimes I thought ...
	Abmaj7/C  Bbmaj7/C    [8X; vibes add A chord diagramFF on top throughout]

	Abmaj7addF/C  [no, don't ask me how to play this on guitar]

-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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