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Most popular songs by Napalm Death are You Suffer, Back From The Dead, Scum.

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Back from the dead (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Birth in Regress (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Inner incineration (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Instinct of survival (Tabs)Guitar tabs
More than meets the eye (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Necessary evil (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Negative approach (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Next to kin to chaos (Tabs)Guitar tabs
None the wiser (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Nultinational corporations (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Prison without walls (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Scum (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Section (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Success (Tabs)Guitar tabs
The lifeless alarm (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Twist the knife slowly (Tabs)Guitar tabs
You suffer (Tabs)Guitar tabs
Your achievement (Tabs)Guitar tabs