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Nao guitar chords for Saturn ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics

Tuning: G C E A (G C E A)

Verse 1:

 Db              Bbm
I orbit around the way that you are
   Db                Bbm
Can't help but be drawn because you're a star
Baby, baby, baby, baby
     Bbm        Ebm  Gbm
Won't you please navigate to me, to me?

Db             Bbm
I love the way you open my heart
 Db                Bbm
I feel you around me like Venus and Mars
So baby, baby, baby, baby
    Bbm         Ebm  Gbm   Db
Please stay and navigate to me, to me

    Bbm       Db           Gbm
Eventually you will proceed to give me what I need
Oh, w-w-w-w-woah
And that's how it should be
You leave and return
              Gbm   Db
You're just like Saturn to me, to me

(Saturn to me)

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