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To You, From Me by Naethan Apollo

Chords with lyrics

Key: 'F#'

Chord diagramF#F#  Chord diagramA#A#

Hello, hello
 Chord diagramG# minorG#m                Chord diagramB minorBm
So I wanted to try and do something special
              Chord diagramF#F#
For someone very special to me
        Chord diagramA#A#            Chord diagramG# minorG#m
And so this is my attempt at doing that
    Chord diagramB minorBm
Uh, ya here we go!

   Chord diagramF#F#
Even when we're miles apart

I have your voice but feel no touch
     Chord diagramA#A#
You are so close to my heart

But we're far from flesh and blood
      Chord diagramG# minorG#m
See, in a world so full of dissonance
                   Chord diagramB minorBm
Our harmonies have flooded inside my heart
                         Chord diagramF#F#
I don't need cards or flying doves to feel our magic
                  Chord diagramA#A#
See your smile makes me smile, no that's cringе
                 Chord diagramG# minorG#m
Your laugh makes me laugh, that's evеn worse
If my journey on this path could ever lead to losing you

I know which path is not my path
      Chord diagramF#F#
You're a blessing from the sky

You're the thief that stole my mind
 Chord diagramA#A#
You're the reason why I think of you all the time
 Chord diagramG# minorG#m
You're the little tiny bug that found its way inside my ear
      Chord diagramB minorBm
And now I can't think a thought without wishing you were here
Chord diagramF#F#
 And I know you don't care
             Chord diagramA#A#
I know that no one even asked

But you're who motivates me when I'm sad
      Chord diagramG# minorG#m
You're the high school crush that I knew that I always wanted
    Chord diagramBB
But thought that I'd never have
    Chord diagramB minorBm             *mute*
Always missing my other half, that's you
Chord diagramF#F#                Chord diagramA#A#
And if I had a shiny nickel for every time that I missed you

I'd use them to buy the moon
        Chord diagramG# minorG#m
Then sell the moon to North Korea
                      Chord diagramB5B5
Then use all their fancy missiles to blow craters in that moon

until it spelled out our initials
   Chord diagramF#F#
Okay wait, that's absurd
              Chord diagramA#A#
Sorry I'm bad with words

Let me start over

I guess

What I'm trying to say
 Chord diagramG# minorG#m
I'm messing this up

I thought about this for days
     Chord diagramBB                 Chord diagramB minorBm
I just, haven't found the guts to tell you truly I'm in
Chord diagramF# minorF#m

I'm not use to spending my time
Chord diagramA#A#
Floating up on Cloud 9, with you up in my mind
  Chord diagramG# minorG#m
I used to spend my summers there, it turn to every weekend
    Chord diagramBB                Chord diagramB minorBm
I find myself among the clouds when I should be home sleeping
    Chord diagramF#F#
That's your fault, that's right I blame you
     Chord diagramA#A#
I blame you for all my birthday wishes that came true
   Chord diagramG# minorG#m
Ever since we started dating

I am not the same dude
   Chord diagramBB
I've changed for the better!

I blame you for that too

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