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Nada Surf guitar chords for Sleep

Guitar chords

Artist : Nada Surf
Album  : High/Low
Song   : Sleep

ok, either you tune all strings up half a step for this song...or you
tune half a step down for all the others.  i think it's half a step up
for this one, though


6 - E# chord diagramE#E#	3 - D# chord diagramD#D#
5 - C chord diagramCC	2 - A# chord diagramA#A#
4 - G# chord diagramG#G#	1 - E# chord diagramE#E#


note:  when you slide from 5 to 7, you have got to do it VERY quickly.
       th's why i put the slide symbol through the barline

I couldn't be bothered to TAB the chorus, but here are the notes:
(written as if it were regular tunning)

A chord diagramAA / B chord diagramBB -> E chord diagramEE (open chord) -> F# chord diagramF#F# -> G chord diagramGG -> A chord diagramAA -> B chord diagramBB

And that's the song!

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