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Nada Surf chords and tabs

Nada Surf tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Nada Surf. Learn songs like Bacardi, Fruit Fly, Happy Kid, Looking Through and Your Legs Grow easy.

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Song title Type
All Is A GameGuitar Chords
Always LoveGuitar Chords
AnimalGuitar Chords
Are You LightningGuitar Chords
BacardiGuitar Chords
Bad Best FriendGuitar Chords
Believe You're MineGuitar Chords
Black And WhiteGuitar Tabs
Blizzard Of 77Guitar Chords
Blonde On BlondeGuitar Chords
Blonde On BlondeGuitar Tabs
Blue MoonGuitar Tabs
Clear Eye Clouded MindGuitar Chords
Concrete BedBass Tabs
Concrete BedGuitar Chords
Concrete BedGuitar Tabs
Crowded StarGuitar Chords
Deeper WellBass Tabs
Deeper WellGuitar Chords
Do It AgainGuitar Intro
ElectrocutionGuitar Chords
End CreditsGuitar Chords
Enjoy The SilenceGuitar Chords
Enjoy The SilenceGuitar Tabs
Everybody LiesGuitar Chords
Friend HospitalGuitar Chords
Friend HospitalGuitar Tabs
Fruit FlyGuitar Chords
Happy KidGuitar Chords
Happy KidGuitar Tabs
HollywoodBass Tabs
HollywoodGuitar Tabs
HyperspaceBass Tabs
HyperspaceGuitar Chords
IceboxBass Tabs
IceboxGuitar Chords
IceboxGuitar Tabs
If You LeaveGuitar Chords
In The MirrorGuitar Tabs
Killians RedBass Tabs
Killians RedGuitar Tabs
La Pour CaGuitar Tabs
Live Learn And ForgetGuitar Chords
Looking ThroughGuitar Chords
Maremma AmaraGuitar Chords
Neither Heaven Nor SpaceGuitar Chords
New BirdGuitar Chords
No Quick FixGuitar Chords
Paper BoatsGuitar Tabs
PopularBass Tabs
PopularGuitar Chords
PopularGuitar Tabs
Psychic CaramelGuitar Tabs
River PhoenixGuitar Chords
Rushing (acoustic)Guitar Chords
SecretGuitar Tabs
See These BonesGuitar Chords
See These BonesGuitar Tabs
Silent FightingGuitar Chords
SleepBass Tabs
SleepGuitar Chords
SleepGuitar Tabs
SpookyGuitar Chords
StalemateBass Tabs
StalemateGuitar Tabs
TelescopeBass Tabs
TelescopeGuitar Tabs
The FutureGuitar Tabs
The ManoeuvresGuitar Chords
The PlanBass Tabs
The PlanGuitar Chords
The PlanGuitar Tabs
Ti StringeroGuitar Chords
TrafficGuitar Tabs
TreehouseBass Tabs
Waiting For SomethingGuitar Tabs
WeightlessGuitar Chords
Weightless AcousticGuitar Chords
When I Was YoungGuitar Tabs
Your Legs GrowGuitar Tabs
Zen BrainBass Tabs
Zen BrainGuitar Chords
Zen BrainGuitar Tabs