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My Bloody Valentine chords for Soon

Chords with lyrics

Soon' by My Bloody Valentine (K.Shields)

TAB by Jon Eyre, scuw5@central.sussex.ac.uk

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means perfect...

To achieve a sound similar to that on 'Loveless', take the following
tab, add an Akai S9000 sampler, a load of compression, reverb and sundry
other effects, drums, bass, vocals, mix it in a pot, garnish lightly
with overdubs and and cook for 40 minutes at gas mark 6...


The basic riff, which appears in the intro, and I suppose ought to be
called the verse:

A-4--4--4-4-4-4-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-    Repeat for a bit


By process of elimination, this bit must be the chorus. It's the bit
with vocals over the top of chord changes:

    A chord diagramF#sus2F#sus2 A chord diagramEsus2Esus2 A chord diagramF#F# A chord diagramAsus2Asus2 A chord diagramBsus2Bsus2  A chord diagramE MajorE  A chord diagramF#F# A chord diagramEsus2Esus2 A chord diagramF#sus2F#sus2 A chord diagramEsus2Esus2 A chord diagramF#F#
B-----9-----7----2----0-----2----0---2---7-----9-----7----2-- Back
G-----11----9----3----2-----4----1---3---9-----11----9----3-- Into
D-----11----9----4----2-----4----2---4---9-----11----9----4--  The
A-----9-----7----4----0-----2----2---4---7-----9-----7----4-- Basic
E-----9-----7----2---------------0---2---7-----9-----7----2--  Riff


Which isn't actually a flute, but either a sampled guitar or voice...


Make of that what you will. If anyone out there has *ANY* MBV tab,
puhhh-leeea-ssse-eeee send me a copy. Cheers.

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Soon' by My Bloody Valentine, an alternative rock band formed in 1983 from Dublin, Ireland. My Bloody Valentine is known for their moody rock/pop music.

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