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My Bloody Valentine chords and tabs

My Bloody Valentine tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by My Bloody Valentine. Learn songs like Blown A Wish, I Need No Trust, Soon Live, When You Sleep and Youre Safe In Your Sleep From This Girl easy.

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Song title Type
AngelGuitar Chords
AngelGuitar Tabs
Blown A WishGuitar Chords
Cigarette In Your BedGuitar Chords
Cigerette In Your BedGuitar Tabs
Come In AloneGuitar Chords
Come In AloneGuitar Tabs
Cupid ComeGuitar Chords
Don't Ask WhyGuitar Chords
Emptiness InsideGuitar Chords
I Don't Need YouGuitar Chords
I Need No TrustGuitar Chords
I Only SaidGuitar Chords
I Only SaidGuitar Tabs
If I AmGuitar Tabs
Kevin SongGuitar Tabs
LoomerGuitar Tabs
Lose My BreathBass Tabs
Lovelee Sweet DarleneGuitar Chords
Moon PowerGuitar Tabs
Moon SongGuitar Chords
Never Say GoodbyeGuitar Chords
Never Say GoodbyeGuitar Tabs
New YouGuitar Chords
Nothing Much To LoseGuitar Chords
Off Your FaceGuitar Chords
Only ShallowBass Tabs
Only ShallowGuitar Chords
Only TomorrowGuitar Chords
Only TomorrowGuitar Tabs
Only Tomorrow SoloGuitar Tabs
She Found NowGuitar Chords
She Found NowGuitar Tabs
SometimesGuitar Chords
SometimesGuitar Tabs
SoonGuitar Chords
SoonGuitar Tabs
Soon LiveGuitar Chords
Strawberry WineGuitar Chords
SugarGuitar Tabs
Sunny Sundae SmileGuitar Chords
SwallowGuitar Tabs
Swallow (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Tiger In My TankGuitar Tabs
When You SleepGuitar Chords
When You SleepGuitar Tabs
You Made Me RealiseGuitar Chords
You Made Me RealiseGuitar Tabs
You're Safe In Your Sleep From This GirlGuitar Chords