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Kacey Musgraves guitar tabs for Merry go round

Merry Go Round tab

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Merry Go Round tab by Kacey Musgraves


  • Capo on 4th
Difficulty: Intermediate

Merry Go Round
©Kacey Musgraves and Mercury Records 2012

*All numbers are actual fret positions and aren't compensated for the capo*
*Open strings ("0") won't be correct without the capo*

Intro(Banjo/Guitar #1):

1st Riff:

E chord diagramEE----------------------------|
B chord diagramBB--------11--11--------------|
G chord diagramGG--11------11--10--10--10h11-|
D chord diagramDD--0-------------11--11------|
A chord diagramAA----------------------------|
E chord diagramEE----------------------------|

Second Riff: x3

E chord diagramEE--------------------------|
B chord diagramBB------11--11--------------|
G chord diagramGG----11--11--10--10--10h11-|
D chord diagramDD--0-----------11--11------|
A chord diagramAA--------------------------|
E chord diagramEE--------------------------|

Intro(Dulcimer/Guitar #2): x4
E chord diagramEE------------------------|
B chord diagramBB--11--------9--------7--|
G chord diagramGG------------------------|
D chord diagramDD------------------------|
A chord diagramAA------------------------|
E chord diagramEE------------------------|

Listened to the intro many times to make this as accurate as possible--hopefully it's
right on! Please let me know if you find any corrections--always up for improvement! I'm
still working on the rest of the song, should have it up in several weeks!

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