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Worlds Apart tab by Michael Martin Murphey

Worlds Apart
Michael Murphey
Album Americana 1987

Intro  F  Dm7  Gm  Bb  C  F  Bb   C  F

          Dm          Gm         Gm7  C7
Sometimes when you`re near to me
                    Bb           F  C  Dm
You`re not what you appear to be
                 F       Gm          Gm7
You`re there but somehow hard to see
   G7                      Gm7   C  F
So near yet so far from my heart

                Dm              Gm            C
You`re standing there but where do you stand
          C7        Bb           F  C  Dm
Am I your lover or just your man
              F                  Gm      Bb
Once we faced life together hand-in-hand
              C   C7  F    Bb  C  F
And now we`re worlds apart

            Dm      Gm             C
Sometimes I see you standing there
       C7      Bb           F  C  Dm
Pretty flowers in your hair
             C6      Gm
I gave you a ring I thought you`d wear
  G7                                 C     Bb  C  F
Until they stopped the beating of my heart

      Dm         Gm               C
Now I stumble on the words I say
           C7    Am Bb         F  C  Dm
You seem a thousand miles away
          F               Gm             Bb
Sometimes we`re just like night and day
            C6     F     C   Dm
Until we`re worlds apart

We`ve worked and planned as hard as we can
   Dm7                            G7
To spend a little time alone some day
    Dm                 G7
But now we realize someday may never arrive
   Gm                          Gm7       C7
We should have shared our love along the way

F  Dm7  Gm  C  Bb  F  C  Dm  F  Gm  G7  C7  C#7  F#

           D#m         G#m
Beyond the games that lovers play
C#            C#7  B                F#   C#  D#m
Unconditional love   is the only way
           F#                G#m          B
And Can we find that kind of love someday
           C#7     F#   D#m7  G#m7  B  C#  C#7  F#
Or are we worlds apart

Worlds Apart is from Americana, and is the thirteenth album by American singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphey and his second for Warner Bros. Records. Murphey found a receptive home with the label and began a long association with the labels president and resident producer, Jim Ed Norman. Unlike his previous albums, Americana contains material written mainly by other writers Murphey only wrote or co-wrote three of the songs. The albums notable tracks include the hit A Long Line of Love and Face in the Crowd, the latter a duet with singer Holly Dunn. The album peaked at number 32 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.


Michael Martin Murphey guitar tabs for Worlds apart