Twin Rocks Oregon by Shawn Mullins

Twin Rocks Oregon tab by Shawn Mullins

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Twin Rocks, Oregon             By: Shawn Mullins

E-------------------------------------------------------------- }
B------------3-------------3---------------3---------------3--- }
G------2-----------2----------------0---------------0---------- } THREE
D---------0-------------0---------------0---------------0------ } TIMES
E-------------------------------------------------------------- }
A---2-----------2---------------3---------------3-------------- }

E-------------------------------------------------------------- }
B---------------3---------------3--------------3--------------- } PLAY ONCE
G-------0---------------0---------------0---------------------- } LEADING BACK
D-----------2---------------2---------------2-------------0---- } TO FIRST LINE
E---0---------------0---------------0---------------0h2-------- }
A-------------------------------------------------------------- }


      D             G
I'm gonna sit ....

 D           G
   Disappear ...

Bm    A          G           Gsus4    G
It's been ....

He turned ...

Don't know what I was looking for, maybe me....

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