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Ballad Of Billy Joe Mckay by Shawn Mullins

Ballad Of Billy Joe Mckay chords by Shawn Mullins

Chords with lyrics

Ballad of Billy Joe McKay
By Shawn Mullins

Capo 4th

Chord diagramG9G9 - 320033
Chord diagramC9C9 - 032033
Chord diagramE minor 7Em7 - 022030
Chord diagramD MajorD - 000232

Chord diagramG9G9 - Chord diagramC9C9 - Chord diagramE minor 7Em7 - Chord diagramD MajorD - Chord diagramC9C9

(Chord diagramG9G9)My name's Billy Joe McKay
(Chord diagramC9C9)I just turned 16 yesterday
(Chord diagramE minor 7Em7) Gonna get the (Chord diagramD MajorD)nerve one day
to get (Chord diagramC9C9)outta here

progression repeats on verses throughout...

In between verses play the following:

Chord diagramE minorEm - Chord diagramD MajorD - Chord diagramC9C9

This is also the progression for the ending with the "Hey, I'm outta here"s

There are several hammer ons and pull offs throughout.  You can figure those out
for yourselves.  Sorry I can't give you more detail, but its really not that hard
of a song, but a great one.


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